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2020 AUSA Group Insurance Program Media Kit Files

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2020 AGIA Marketing developed this Media Kit with various informational components regarding products your members can take advantage of with the AUSA Group Insurance Program. The Media Kit is designed to increase overall awareness about the products offered without getting too specific.


2020 Media Kit Tabbed Product Details

All Products Brochure 

The All Products Brochure presents a generic description of each product of the AUSA Group Insurance Program and how it can benefit your membership. This brochure can be used for print or online as we have provided a version with crop marks if needed. 


Recommendation: Allow this brochure to be downloadable for members on your website, electronically distribute, or you may print and distribute to members at events or conventions. If you provide a New Member Welcome Kit, feel free to include the All Products Brochure so the new member can immediately be interested and informed about products available through their AUSA membership.




AUSA Extra/Soldier Today Content 


The AUSA Extra/Soldier Today blurbs highlight specific products available to the member and why it's important for their well-being and peace of mind.  


Recommendation: You can use these blurbs in eNewsletters. 



Full Page Print Ads 


The All Products Advertisements are a visual representation to display all products offered through the AUSA. We have included and All Products, AD&D, and Term Life Print Ad (all with crop marks) for your use. 


Recommendation: Feature this ad in your publications, or use as an AUSA Insurance Program flyer at events.


Digital Ads



The digital ads are designed to highlight the AUSA Group Insurance Program in two different size ratios, depending on your preference for ad placement. There are two digital ad sizes that will direct members to the AUSA Insurance Program website. Please feel free to tell us if you need an adjustment to the sizes of the ads.


Recommendation: Place these digital ads on your website, in digital newsletters, and any other digital space you might utilize to spread awareness about the program.


Digital Ads to Website:


Social Media Blurbs 



These social posts are specific to each product and link directly to the product page. Although there are not many social opportunities right now- these are available to post on your choice of social media platforms if/when the time comes.